Happy New Year Fella!

1535573_457600461018684_334716469_nSpending the New year away from your family is the saddest part of the year. Lucky, i got to spent it with my cousins and friends. We find a place where we can do what we want so here we go; beneath the sea.


We have a lot of food and drinks that we felt full until the countdown begun. We drunk til we drop.


Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Last year, me and my cousin celebrated new year in that area. A lot of people was there to witnessed the breathtaking fireworks. A lot of people that you cannot moved around freely. So this year we decided to spent away from that place but not so far. You see, we can also see the fireworks from where we stand.


2013 was not really my year. I had a lot of ups and downs but i managed to smile and looked back happily. I shrugged away the negativity and chose to be positive. Anyways, if 2014 is also not my year i would look forward each year to be the best year of my life.



When it comes to my family and friends, i wish everybody to be healthy, to have a good life, to be bless in career and to fully blooming in their lovelife.



Career. Hope that this year i can find what i wanted to do. I can search what my heart desire to do, and what makes me  happy. With that, i can no longer live with depression and loneliness.

Love life. Oh, please i’m not into it. I mean if this year my prince charming, appear in front of me then it’ll be a great year. hahaha Not looking to have a love life this year (though i really hope that he’ll come.hehe) I just wish that he is a good person, will love me wholeheartedly and unconditionally. (sing the unconditionally song by katy) Also will accept my flaws especially my mood swing.

But overall, i hope that i can find myself and my happiness this year. I pray hard  that God is with me and give me strength in life. Everything is possible when we pray. God hear whatever our hearts desire. At the end of the day, we give thanks to Him for keeping us safe.



Most importantly, believe in yourself.




Happy new year, everyone!


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